Affiliate Faculty

Annie Daniel, Director of Veterinary Instructional Design and Outcomes Assessment, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medical Education, and Adjunct Professor in the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development 

Angeletta Gourdine, Associate Professor, English

Ashley Mack, Assistant Professor, Rhetoric & Culture, Affiliate Faculty in Women's & Gender Studies

Brianne Painia, Instructor, Interdisciplinary Studies

Bryan McCann, Associate Professor, Rhetoric & Cultural Studies

Cassandra Chaney, Professor, School of Social Work

Catherine Jacquet, Assistant Professor, History and Women's and Gender Studies 

Christopher Tyson, Professor, LSU Law

Dereck Rovaris, Vice Provost for Diversity and Chief Diversity Officer  

Ebony McDonald, Instructor, AAAS Diversity Librarian

Eldon Birthwright, Instructor African and African American Studies

Fahima Ife, Assistant Professor, English Education 

Herman Kelly, Adjunct, African and African American Studies

Joyce Jackson, Professor, Geography & Anthropology

Linda Smith Griffin, Associate Librarian and Head of Cataloging, LSU Library

Mark Schafer, Associate Professor, Sociology

Melissa Crawford, Program Manager, LA-STEM & LS-LAMP Program

Michael Bibler, Associate Professor, English

Raquel M. Robvais, Department of Communication Studies

Rico Self, Instructor, Women's Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program

Roland Mitchell, Professor, Education: Educational Theory, Policy, and Practice & Dean

Sarah Becker, Associate Professor, Sociology, Affiliate Faculty in Women's & Gender Studies