Louisiana Bonsai Forest Workshop Series

March 4, 11 & 18, 2020 ~ 6:00-8:30pm

Beverly Brown Coates Auditorium

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Bald Cypress bonsai forest

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You won’t want to miss this unique program series on the art of bonsai using native trees and ground cover plants of Louisiana to create a one-of-a-kind Louisiana Bonsai Forest. Evan Tylor Pardue, Bonsai Artist with Underhill Bonsai Nursery in Folsom, Louisiana, will be your instructor.  Being a Louisiana native, Evan has spent a lifetime exploring nature from heavily wooded pine forests to haunting marshlands where bald cypress reign as old kings. Evan’s lifelong connection to the Louisiana environment has helped him visualize and create dramatic bonsai forest landscapes on cypress wood slabs that connect people more intimately with the beauty and diversity of our local environment.


Swamp red maple bonsaiWorkshop 1:  March 4, 2020

A primer on the art of Bonsai! Evan will talk about the purpose, history, and principles of Bonsai. You will learn how the art form has evolved from the Chinese form called Penjing to the Japanese form we associate with today, similarities and differences between the two art forms, and where concepts of design are headed now in the United States. Evan will close out the lecture with an introduction to Bonsai artists that had a major influence on contemporary Bonsai styling. Next is a hands-on demonstration on how to design and construct your Bonsai Forest using native plants. Evan’s exquisite Bald Cypress Forest Bonsai will be on display as an example for discussion. The remainder of the workshop will be focused on developing your Bonsai design.



Evan Pardue wiring cypress treeWorkshop 2: March 11, 2020

It’s time to roll up your sleeves, and get dirty! First you will select the native trees and plants to create your Bonsai Forest. For the keystone tree, your choices will include either the bald cypress, spruce pine or white oak.  Drummond red maple, sugar maple, water elm, resurrection fern and various wild grasses and rushes will be available as understory trees and plants. For the base you will use a bald cypress live edge slab. All materials needed will be provided: soil, crawfish holes, sphagnum mosses, naturally occurring wild mosses, cow manure, wire and tools. Evan will show you how to prepare the plants for installation, and you will continue to refine your design with his input.


Red Maple Forest DeciduousWorkshop 3: March 18, 2020

Your Louisiana Bonsai Forest takes form! The final workshop will be dedicated to planting and assembling your Bonsai Forest. Each design concept will be reviewed, and some participants will be encouraged to explain their design to help further inspire others. After the forests are finished, there will be a recap of the workshop. Aftercare and further development of your Bonsai forest landscape will be discussed to wrap up the lesson. The participants will be encouraged to keep a photographic log of the process of creating their forest planting.



Evan Tylor PardueEvan Tylor Pardue

Bonsai Artist, Underhill Bonsai Nursery

Evan's interest in bonsai came at a young age. He recalls times of isolation as an introverted child exploring old growth forests on the property he grew up on in south Louisiana. He would spend hours scouting sandy creeks searching for ideal spots to set up camp to immerse himself in nature. Bonsai portrayed fantasy getaways where wise old trees dwell to tell a story. The existential thoughts that a well-designed bonsai speaks is what fueled Evan's curiosity to learn the art form. Reaching out to Bonsai professionals to learn all he could about Bonsai design became Evan's pastime. Underhill Bonsai Nursery is the perfect professional and creative environment for Evan to continue develop his craft, and to teach others to express themselves through the art form. 



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Being held March 4, 11, & 18, 2020.


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