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Fabulous Fun with Ferns - Part 2

Featuring Terry Rehn

Hilltop is offering more fabulous ferns for sale online from our Hodge Podge Nursery, as well as "New" exclusive Hilltop Note Cards that showcase the beauty of the flora and fauna that call the Arboretum home. Back by popular demand, Terry Rehn, one of Hilltop's Hodge Podge Nursery volunteers and fern expert extraordinaire, is featured in a new video with practical tips on growing the Vegetable Fern, Japanese Beech Fern, Oriental Chain Fern, Arborvitae Fern, Japanese Painted Fern 'Red Beauty,' Lace Fern and Dixiewood Fern.

Using photographs of the flora and fauna of Hilltop, we designed six sets of note cards: Birds of Hilltop, Butterflies of Hilltop, Aquatic Plants of Hilltop, Emory Smith's Favorite Plants, and two different sets of Meadow Wildflowers of Hilltop. Each set has six note cards (4" x 5") with envelopes,  and on the back, a brief statement about the photograph featured on each card and acknowledgment of the photographer. We are so grateful to the amateur photographers who shared their stunning images of Hilltop for the series: Linda Medine, Janie Braud, Charlie Braud, Mike Bacino, Ken Bosso, Robert Buquoi, and John Hanley.

Terry Rehn, Hilltop volunteer, discussing ferns.

Click the areas below to get more information on the ferns and note cards being offered. When you have decided which ferns and note cards you would like, use the Shop Now button on the right to make your on-line purchases. Also, the nursery is open. Feel free to stop by Hilltop and shop Tuesday-Friday, 9:00-4:30. Directions are posted in the nursery for how to do contactless sales.

Click on each fern picture to get plant details and pricing.

Fronds of a Vegetable Ferncluster of Japanese Beech Ferns in front of a tree trunkSmall grouping of Oriental Chain Ferns in a shade gardenCluster of Arborvitae Ferns in a shade garden

Frond of a Japanese Painted FernFronds of the Lace Ferncluster of dixie wood ferns around a treeClose up of a Brillance Autumn Fern frond.

Click on each Note Card Series to get details.

Set of 6 blank note cards featuring birds photographed at Hilltop: a Barred Owl, Eastern Bluebird, Mississippi Kite, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Egret, and Northern Mockingbird.Set of 6 blank note cards featuring butterflies photographed at Hilltop: a Monarch, Cloudless Sulphur, Gulf Fritillary, Long-Tailed Skipper, Pipevine Swallowtail, and Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.Set of 6 blank note cards featuring aquatic plants photographed at Hilltop: a Button Bush, Halbredleaf Rosemallow, Louisiana Iris, Red Rattlebox, Lizard's Tail, and Wooly Rose-Mallow.Set of 6 blank note cards featuring Emory's favorite plants photographed at Hilltop: a Chinese Lantern, Live Oak Tree, Camellia Sasanqua, Silverbell Tree, Oakleaf Hydrangea, and American Beautyberry.

Set of 6 blank note cards featuring meadow wildflowers photographed at Hilltop: a Persian Clover, Cone Flower, Lemon Beebalm, Cone Flower, Basket Flower, and Indian Blanket.Flowers, Basket Flower, Panaramic view of spring wildflowers, Narrow Leaf Sunflowers, Lemon Beebalm, and Plains Coreopsis.


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