Article on multimodal mapping in Andean archaeology published in SAA publication

G&A archaeologist David Chicoine recently collaborated on the publication of "Aerial, Surface, and Subsurface Multimodal Mapping in Coastal Peru: Insights from Cerro San Isidro, Moro Region, Nepeña Valley" in Advances in Archaeological Practices, a journal published by the Society for American Archaeology (SAA).

The article, co-authored by Kayla Golay Lausanne (McMaster University), David Chicoine (LSU), Jeisen Navarro Vega (independent Peruvian archaeologist), and George F. Lau (University of East Anglia) offers a step-by-step methodology for multimodal mapping in coastal Peru based on archaeological fieldwork at Cerro San Isidro, Moro District, Department of Ancash.

Congratulations to all collaborators!