Dr. Heather McKillop publishes article in Denver Art Museum publication El Mar Caribe

Professor Heather McKillop published an article in 2024 “The Ancient Maya of the Caribbean Coast: A View from Wild Cane Cay, Belize.” In El Mar Caribe: The American Mediterranean. In the article, McKillop discusses her archaeological fieldwork at the ancient Maya trading port of Wild Cane Cay, which participated in circum-Yucatan sea trade, obtaining trade goods from Honduras, northern Belize, Guatemala, and central Mexico. She argues that Wild Cane Cay was an independent mercantile port that was not controlled by the northern Yucatan city of Chichen Itza. McKillop presented her research at the Mar Caribe Symposium in November 2019. Her article was published in 2024 in El Mar Caribe: The American Mediterranean, edited by Victoria Lyell, pp. 169-185. Mayer Center Symposium XIX, Denver Art Museum, Denver.