G&A research on divine rulership in ancient Peru featured in Archaeology magazine

Archaeological excavations exploring the Rise of Divine Lordships in Northern Peru, a collaborative initiative between UK, US, and Peru based archaeologists, and directed by Professor George F. Lau (University of East Anglia), W. G. Haag Professor of Archaeology David Chicoine (LSU), and Peruvian archaeologists Milton Lujan and Jeisen Navarro, was featured in the March/April issue of Archaeology a publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

In "Divine Lords of the Andes: How a new generation of leaders claimed power in northern Peru by embracing cosmic connections to their ancestors," Archaeology Senior Editor Benjamin Leonard summarizes the discoveries made at the archaeological sites of Pashash and Cerro San Isidro by Lau, Chicoine, Lujan, Navarro, and their research teams between 2019 and 2022.

Congratulations to all research collaborators!