Peruvian collaborators produce film on archaeological project

Congratulations and thanks to the Asociación Caminemos Unidos and the Museo Arqueológico de las Tecnologías Andinas de Moro on producing a documentary film on the 2022 season of the Cerro San Isidro project co-directed by Professor David Chicoine and Peruvian archaeologist Jeisen Navarro, and involving graduate students Madeline Blanchard, Corey Hoover, Itzamara Ixta, and Mathilde Morzaniga, as well as alumni Drs. Matt Helmer and Kimberly Munro.

The video, entitled REPORTAJE DEL PROYECTO DE INVESTIGACIÓN CERRO SAN ISIDRO (PIACSI) DEL DISTRITO DE MORO, features footage from the field and laboratory activities, as well as interviews with different project members. It was released as part of the celebrations highlighting the 7th anniversary of the Museo Arqueológico de las Tecnologías Andinas. Special thanks to Arnold Ochoa and Franz Veramendi for their initiative and hard work!

The San Isidro research is part of a broader program exploring the rise of divine lordships in northern Peru in collaboration with Dr. George F. Lau (University of East Anglia). Find out more about Andean archaeology at LSU on Chicoine's personal page.