G&A Professors Edit and Publish Chapters in Newly Published Geotechnologies and the Environment Series

G&A professors, Dr. Kory Konsoer and Dr. Michael Leitner, contributed as editors and chapter authors of Springer's newly released Geotechnologies and the Environment series titled sUAS Applications in Geography.

The Aim of the book is as follows:
“The use of small unoccupied aerial systems (sUAS) for acquiring close-range remotely sensed data has substantially increased in the past 5 years. A primary focus of early research was on physical systems and photogrammetric techniques. However, as sUAS technology continues to improve and more sophisticated payloads are utilized, such as lidar and multispectral cameras, applications have expanded to nearly all subdisciplines within Geography. This edited volume is intended to showcase the various ways in which sUAS are used in geographic research, including geomorphology, environmental and hazard monitoring, biogeography, and urban and sociocultural geography.”

The book and chapters can be accessed using this link: https://link.springer.com/book/10.1007/978-3-031-01976-0.