LSU Andeanists Attend Conference in Alabama

On October 5 and 6, a group of LSU Andeanists attended the Sixth Biennial Meeting of the Society for Amazonian and Andean Studies ( The conference, held at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, brought together archaeologists, cultural anthropologists, art historians and other scholars interested in South American cultures. In a relaxed and constructive setting, LSU faculty and graduate students contributed the following podium presentations and posters, and had the opportunity to network and exchange feedback.

David Chicoine & Jeisen Navarro “Preliminary Insights into the Ancient Occupation of Cerro San Isidro, Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Elizabeth Cruzado “Understanding the Casma Ceramics of the Middle Casma Valley: Preliminary Results from the Nivín Region”

Monica Fenton & David Chicoine “The 2019 Malacological Assemblage from Cerro San Isidro: Preliminary Insights into Ancient Foodways in the Moro Region of the Middle Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Dominique Giosa & Elizabeth Cruzado “Art and Archaeology Lessons for Cultural Heritage Preservation in Nivín, Casma, Peru”

Irene Martí Gil “Huaquería: At the Cross-Road Between Traición and Tradición”

Kenneth Sutherland & David Chicoine “Macrofloral and Macrofaunal Remains from Soil Samples at Caylán (600-200 BCE), Nepeña Valley, Peru”

Jacob Warner “Opportunity in Crisis? Climate Change and Societal Response in Early Horizon Nepeña, Peru”

David Chicoine presenting on the Cerro San Isidro field research

David Chicoine presenting on the Cerro San Isidro field research

Gioas and Cruzado

Dominique Giosa and Elizabeth Cruzado exposing their community art project in Nivin

Irene Marti Gil

Irene Marti Gil and her poster on looting practices and cultural heritage

Jacob Warner

Jacob Warner presenting his research on paleoclimate and ENSO

LSU Andeanists

LSU Andeanists at the SAAS meeting October 2019

Monica Fenton

Monica Fenton and her analysis of shell remains from Cerro San Isidro

Kenny Sutherland

Kenny Sutherland discussing soil sample analyses