G&A at the Krewe of Southdowns Parade

On March 1, 2019, G&A graduate students and alumni (along with graduate students from the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences) celebrated Mardi Gras this year as the Krewe du Monde in the Krewe of Southdowns Parade in Baton Rouge with a theme of Science Fiction Extraordinaire.  Krewe du Monde was the first LSU departmental-run float in any Baton Rouge parade, and it has participated in 10 Southdowns parades since 2008.The float was designed, built, and decorated based on the movie “Bird Box.” The costumes were individually created by each student and included birds, boxes, and “blindfolded” walkers, based on the movie. Beads and throws were largely donated by students and faculty in the department.

Krewe du Monde WalkersThe Krewe du Monde walkers: Kelsey Johnson, Jess Tolan, SK Groll, Clay Stephens Tucker, Maggie Furtner, Jacob Warner, Alina Spera, Taylor Rowley, Kristina Sebastian, Kelly Haggerty, Elizabeth Cruzado, Ria Mukerji, Chris Nicosia, Marisa Karpinski, Maddie Fussell, Kyle Bikowski, Sophie Reck, and Cher Foster.

Parade FloatThe parade float, set to a “Bird Box” theme.