Colten Gives Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture at AAG

photo: colten at aag

Colten flanked by Arn Keeling, Editor of Historical Geography, and Kirsten Greer, President of the Historical Geography Specialty Group. (photo by Kirsten Greer)

April 1, 2018

LSU faculty Craig Colten presented the Distinguished Historical Geography Lecture at the annual conference of the American Association of Geographers in New Orleans. Annually the Historical Geography Specialty Group selects a prominent historical geographer to present its showcase lecture.  His talk, “The Values of Practicing Historical Geography,”  analyzed the significance of historical geography to current society.

Colten reminisced that he gave his first professional lecture at the 1978 meeting of the AAG in New Orleans and observed that he was appreciative that he was able to reflect on his 40-year career in the same city.

His talked analyzed the role of three key historical maps in drawing links between the past and the present and emphasized the lasting value of historical knowledge in managing hazardous wastes, assessing risks, and preserving social memory.