Aravamudhan Raman


Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering

Held the Chevron Professorship in Engineering

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Technische Hochscule, Sttutgart, Germany

Research Interests

  • High-Temperature Materials
  • Corrosion
  • Magnetic Materials
  • X-ray Diffraction
  • Coating Studies
  • Failure Analysis
  • Composites

Selected Publications

The relationship between activation energy and precipitate size for precipitate agglomeration, Ercan Balikci and A. Raman, J. Materials Science on-line, J. Materials Science, Vol.43 (3), 2008, pp. 927-9328

Activation Energy for growth in single size distribution and the dissolution features of  g’ precipitates in the Superalloy IN738LC, A. Dwarapureddy, E. Balikci, S. Ibekwe,  and A. Raman, J. Materials Science, Vol.43 (6), 2008, pp. 1802-1810.

Analysis of Materials Performance Efficiency, Aravamudhan Raman, J Materials Engineering and Performance, 16(6), Dec. 2007, pp. 685-693.

"Materials Selection and Applications in Mechanical Engineering", A. Raman, Industrial Press, New York, New York, 2006.

Impulse Excitation Study of Elasticity of Different Precipitated Microstructures in IN738LC at High Temperatures, A. Raman, S. Ibekwe and Timothy Gabb, J. Materials Engineering and Performance, Vol. 14 (2), 2005, pp. 188-193.

Precipitate Growth Activation Energy Requirements in the Duplex Size g’ Distribution in the Superalloy IN738LC, Indranil Roy, Ercan Balikci, S. Ibekweand A. Raman, J. Materials Science, Vol. 40 (24), 2005, pp. 6207-6215.

“Reviews on Corrosion Inhibitor Science and Technology-Vol. 3”, book ed. by A. Raman, P. Labine and M.A. Quraishi, NACE, International, Houston, TX 2004.

Fracture Mechanics Evaluation of a 0.5Mo Carbon Steel Subjected to High Temperature Hydrogen Attack, M.A. Wahab, B.M. Saba and A. Raman, J. of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 153-154, 2004, pp. 938-944.