Yitshak M. Ram (Deceased)


Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Held the Wooley Professorship in Mechanical Engineering

Educational Background

  • DSc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Israel
  • MSc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Israel
  • BSc., Mechanical Engineering, Technion, Israel

Research Interests

  • Dynamics
  • Vibration
  • Control

Selected Publications

J.A. Guerra, and Y.M. Ram, “Closed form solution to the optimality equations of minimal norm actuation”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, in press, Available on line: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.ymssp.2014.11.013i

A. Maha, and Y.M. Ram, “The method of receptances for continuous rods”, ASME Transactions, Journal of Applied Mechanics, Article Number: 071009, pp. 1-7, 2014.

Y.M. Ram, “Nonlinear eigenvalue problems of the elastica”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 45, pp. 408-423, 2014.

Y.M. Ram and J.E. Mottershead, “Multiple-Input Active Vibration Control by Partial Pole Placement using the Method of Receptances”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 40, 727-735, 2013.

C.S. Guzzardo, S.S. Pang and Y.M. Ram, “Optimal actuation in vibration control”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 35, pp. 279–290, 2013.

P. Ramachandran and Y.M. Ram, “Stability boundaries of mechanical controlled system with time delay”, Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 27, pp. 523–533, 2012.

P. Ramachandran, S.G. Krishna and Y.M. Ram, “Instability of a constrained pendulum system”, American Journal of Physics, 79, pp. 395-400, 2011