ChE Students Win at LSU Discover Day 2022

April 27, 2022

LSU Chemical Engineering students Blake Nassar, Trevor Thrasher, Nicholas Gonsoulin, and Aubry Hymel were each winners at this year's LSU Discover Day event. Each student won $50 for finishing in the top 10 of the engineering posters competition. Hymel was the overall third-place finisher and received a plaque in recognition of her honor.

Nassar, Thrasher, and Gonsoulin are members of Associate Professor Adam Melvin's research group; Hymel is part of Associate Professor Bhuvnesh Bharti's group.

The 9th annual LSU Discover Day Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium was held in person on Friday, April 22nd, 2022 at the LSU Student Union. More than 300 undergraduate students from a wide variety of majors and from more than 20 different colleges and universities presented art, posters, oral presentations, performances, poetry readings, and more.

Pictured below in clockwise order are Hymel, Gonsoulin, Thrasher, and Nassar.

Image of student Aubrey Hymel at LSU Discover Day 2022
Image of Nicholas Gonsoulin at Discover Day 2022
Image of Blake Nassar at Discover Day 2022
Image of Trevor Thrasher at Discover Day 2022