Yao Wu, Bill Shelton & Bhuvnesh Bharti Published in Soft Matter

Cover of Soft Matter, 2019, 15, 350Congratulations go to Yao Wu (ChE PhD candidate), Prof. Bill Shelton, and Prof. Bhuvnesh Bharti who were recently published in the journal Soft Matter. Their article, entitled "pH-Induced reorientation of cytochrome c on silica nanoparticles," was selected for the coveted space of inside front cover.


The orientation of cytochrome c molecules at the surface of silica nanoparticles was studied in a wide pH range by combining small-angle neutron scattering, adsorption measurements, and molecular dynamics simulations. The results indicate a reorientation of the ellipsoidal protein from head-on to side-on as the pH is increased. This is attributed to changes in the surface charge distribution of both the protein and the nanoparticles.

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