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Program Checklist (MS in Civil Eng)

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Graduate Program Forms

G101: Graduate Degree Program Form

G102: Revision to Graduate Degree Program

G103: Thesis/Dissertation Proposal Cover Page

G104: Graduate Student Information Form

(G104 Tip: Re-submit a revised form any time you have new information, such as a new address or phone number or a program/advisor change)

G105: Qualifying Exam Form 

(G105 Tip: This is a two-step process. 1st submit form with top portion completed to request approval to take an exam then 2nd resubmit the form with the bottom portion filled out to submit your exam results for approval)

Application for the Accelerated Master's Degree Program

Department Student Handbook

Graduate School Student Handbook

Late Add/Drop Form - Please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator ( or visit CoE Academic Services for the form.