Bachelor of Science in
Learning Experience & Instructional Design

The field of Learning Experience and Instructional Design (LXID) is an exciting and rapidly growing area of study that focuses on designing effective and engaging learning experiences. This undergraduate degree program is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to develop and implement instructional materials and methods that enhance the learning process. With a focus on instructional design theories and learner-centered strategies, students will gain a deep understanding of how to design and deliver effective learning experiences across a variety of settings and formats. Graduates of this program will be well-equipped to pursue a variety of careers in fields such as education, training and development, instructional design, and e-learning, among others.

What is LXID?

LXID is a multidisciplinary field that combines principles of education, psychology, instructional technology, and design to create effective and engaging learning experiences. It involves the systematic analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instructional materials and methods to facilitate learning.

The primary focus of Learning Experience and Instructional Design is to enhance the learning process by applying research-based practices and theories. This field emphasizes learner-centered approaches, where the needs, goals, and characteristics of the learners are taken into consideration when designing instructional materials and activities. The goal is to create meaningful and interactive learning experiences that promote deep understanding, critical thinking, and skill development.

Instructional designers utilize a variety of tools, technologies, and methodologies to create instructional materials such as e-learning modules, multimedia presentations, interactive simulations, and educational games. They work closely with subject matter experts, educators, and stakeholders to identify learning objectives, develop instructional strategies, and design assessments that measure learning outcomes.

Learning Experience and Instructional Design also encompasses the integration of educational technologies, such as learning management systems, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mobile applications, to enhance the learning experience. It involves leveraging technology to create interactive and immersive learning environments that promote active engagement and personalized learning pathways.

Professionals in the field of Learning Experience and Instructional Design can work in a wide range of settings, including educational institutions, corporate training departments, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and e-learning companies. They play a crucial role in designing and developing effective instructional materials that facilitate learning and promote positive educational outcomes.

Students who graduate with a learning experience design degree will be prepared to execute projects in learning experience design and will be well versed in the latest innovations in the field. 

Topics covered in this degree include: 

  • Best practices for training and development
  • Matching workplace performance issue with appropriate learning solution
  • The learning experience design process
  • Online course and digital module design 
  • Learning experience design project management
  • Learning value assessment
  • Learning value impact measurement 
  • Technology evaluation for online degree and certificate program utilization 
  • Learning outcomes development and execution 
  • E-Learning experience design 
  • Business communication 
  • Instructional design for training 
  • Adult learning principles  

Explore the LXID Program

The Bachelor of Science in Learning Experience and Instructional Design program requires 120 credits to earn your degree with 6 hours of open electives.

This program is made up of three course groupings that ensure graduates are prepared with a complete education that prepares them for real life business scenarios.

These courses prepare students with enhanced skills in writing, communication, math, and more. Beyond their use in daily life- these skills allow students to excel in higher level coursework.

  • ENGL 1001: English Composition
  • ENGL 2000: English Composition
  • MATH 1021: College Algebra
  • MATH 1029
  • CMST 1061: Fundamentals of Communication
  • ENGL 2029: Drama
  • WGS 2500: Introduction to Women’s & Gender Studies
  • General Education Natural Sciences
  • General Education Social Sciences
  • ECON 2030: Economic Principles
  • General Education Arts

The learning experience design required courses ensure each student graduates with a foundational understanding of all aspects of learning experience design. As the student proceeds through the required courses, the educational material becomes more advanced and specialized to a narrow focus.

  • LHRD 2070: Principles of Learning Experience Design
  • LHRD 2723: Introduction to Leadership Development
  • LHRD 3065: E-Learning Experience Design
  • LHRD 3068: Learning theory and practice in LXD
  • LHRD 3071: Principles of Human Resource Development
  • LHRD 3171: Instructional Design for Training
  • LHRD 3200: Learning Technologies in the Workplace
  • LHRD 3271: Leading Learning in Human Resource Development
  • LHRD 3571: Needs Analysis in HRD
  • LHRD 4025: Principles of Adult Learning
  • LHRD 4068: Project Management & Team Leadership
  • LHRD 4067: Innovative Learning Content Design for LXD
  • LHRD 4077: Design Thinking for LXD in the Workplace
  • LHRD 4150: Creating Change Through E-Learning in Organizations
  • LHRD 4464: Worker Stress & Health
  • LHRD 4568: Teams & Groups in Organizations
  • LHRD 4569: Applied Leadership
  • LHRD 4581: Advanced Organizational Psychology & Work Behavior
  • LHRD 4585: Consulting in Organizations
  • LHRD 4603: Evaluation in HRD
  • LHRD 4573: Managing the Human Resource Development Function
  • LHRD 4069: LXDI Capstone Course
  • ISDS 1100: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • CMST 2061: Communication for Business and the Professions
  • MGT 3200: Principles of Management

Electives allow students to further specialize their degree path to fit their desired education and career goals. For this program, students are given a range of electives to choose from. 6 total credit hours of electives are required. 

Career Opportunities

The demand for Learning Experience Designers has seen a remarkable surge in recent years, driven by a combination of technological advancements and a growing recognition of the importance of effective learning experiences. With the rapid expansion of online and remote learning, organizations across various sectors are seeking professionals who can design immersive and engaging learning environments. Additionally, the need for personalized and adaptive learning experiences has become crucial in catering to diverse learner needs. As a result, the demand for Learning Experience Designers is expected to continue to rise, with opportunities in educational institutions, corporate training departments, e-learning companies, and consulting firms. This upward trend highlights the significant role Learning Experience Designers play in shaping the future of education and training, making it an exciting and promising field to pursue.


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Where to Apply?

The LXID program is offered as a traditional on-campus experience, at LSU A&M - Baton Rouge, and through LSU Online & Continuing Education. Both versions offered are taught by our award winning faculty in the School of Leadership & Human Resource Development or experts in the Learning Experience and Instructional design field. Apply today to begin working towards your exciting career in Learning Experience and Instructional Design.

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