Graduate Minor in Global Leadership 

Leadership Odyssey: Explore Our Global Leadership Graduate Minor

Embark on an exhilarating journey to leadership excellence! Picture yourself stepping into dynamic leadership roles throughout your career and within affiliated organizations. This extraordinary minor is your ticket to unleashing your leadership prowess. Tailored for graduate students across majors, it empowers you to master the skills and competencies needed to thrive in leadership roles on a global scale, navigating diverse settings, organization types, and geo-political communities with flair!

The knowledge and skills attained in this program will enable you to: 

  • Apply strategies for developing intercultural awareness and competence from personal, interpersonal, and organizational levels
  • Design an engaging, cross-cultural training/developmental learning experience
  • Create strategies organizations can use to promote a multicultural workforce
  • Identify contextual issues and factors that influence leadership outcomes
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About the Program

With the increased globalization of our economy, businesses, and organizations across the country, this minor provides a unique opportunity to gain experience in global leadership, further developing skill sets, and prepare you for a career in Human Resource Development.

This will give you a competitive edge when applying for jobs and working within the field.

The Graduate Minor in Global Leadership is a 3 course, 9 credit hour, program comprised of the following courses: LHRD 7305, LHRD 7700, and either LHRD 4870 or LHRD 4901. 

Course Descriptions

Explores the development of cross-cultural skills through examination of culture theory, cross-cultural competence models, and experiential training methods.
3 Credit Hours

A comprehensive look at classic and contemporary theory and research in the twin domains of leadership and leadership development.
3 Credit Hours

An examination of the contemporary issues related to diversity, equity, and social justice across various learning environments in a global context.
3 Credit Hours

An examination of contemporary research, practice, and development issues related to leadership in international organizations.
3 Credit Hours

Why should I enroll?

In today's interconnected world, where organizations operate on a global scale, the ability to navigate diverse settings, organization types, and geo-political communities is not just an advantage but a necessity for aspiring leaders.

Relevance in a Globalized Economy

As businesses and industries become increasingly globalized, leaders must possess the skills to operate and make informed decisions in an international context. Courses in the Minor focusing on global leadership ensure that you are well-equipped to thrive in this dynamic and interconnected global economy.

Cultural Intelligence

Understanding and respecting diverse cultures is integral to effective leadership. This Minor provides an opportunity to develop cultural intelligence, enabling me to lead and collaborate seamlessly across borders, fostering a more inclusive and productive work environment.


Strategic Advantage in the Job Market

Employers actively seek candidates with a global mindset and leadership capabilities that transcend cultural and geographical boundaries. The Minor will give you the competitive edge in the job market, making you a valuable asset to prospective employers.

Preparation for Leadership Roles

The curriculum's focus on a variety of settings and organization types prepares you for leadership roles in diverse industries and sectors.

It ensures that you are adaptable and capable of leading teams effectively regardless of the organizational context.


Development of Critical Skills

These courses go beyond theoretical knowledge, offering practical insights and skill development. From cross-cultural communication to strategic thinking in a global context, the curriculum is designed to enhance your leadership capabilities in ways that directly apply to real-world scenarios.

Networking Opportunities

Engaging with a diverse cohort of students and professionals in these courses provides invaluable networking opportunities. Building connections with individuals from various backgrounds enhances your global network, opening doors to potential collaborations and partnerships in the future.


Personal and Professional Growth

Investing in courses that cover global leadership development is an investment in personal growth and development. It not only expands your knowledge, but also cultivates the qualities and competencies that are essential for successful leadership in the 21st century.


"Students who opt to participate in the minor will benefit from action-oriented educational experiences within our interconnected world that can enhance their global and civic awareness and engagement." 

Petra A Robinson, PhD, Associate Professor - SLHRD


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