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The Office of Educational Research (OER) serves the people of Louisiana and the larger nation by providing high quality research on key education issues facing the citizenry of the State and the Nation. It is the mission of the OER to have a positive impact on the lives of the citizenry of Louisiana by providing policy makers and educators with research that can inform decision-making and lead to ever more effective educational policies and practices.

To accomplish our mission, OER engages in two broad categories of activities: Research Services for Educators and Policy-Makers and Training for Local Educators.


Educator & Policy-Maker Research

These are brief reports that summarize current research on topics of interest to educational policy makers and practitioners in Louisiana (e.g., the impact of early childhood education). They are designed to answer the question: What do we currently know about a specific education topic? These research syntheses locate high quality research and synthesize the results toward the end of identifying major conclusions and unresolved issues. They follow accepted guidelines for evidence-based practice and employ a review process based on the U.S. Department of Education’s What Works Clearinghouse.

These are empirical research studies designed to determine the efficacy and effectiveness of an educational program implemented at the local or statewide level. These studies are designed to answer the question: Is the program working as intended? These studies are carefully designed to meet best practitioners for high-quality research and with the purpose of providing information on whether or not a program is working and why or why not.

These are empirical research studies designed to help educators identify the factors that may be producing a particular outcome, desired or undesired. The intent of these studies is to help educators identify potential levers that can be addressed to help promote desired outcomes.

Our survey service is a means for educators to gain insights into the opinions, actions, etc. of their stakeholders. Surveys can be undertaken on any topic of interest.

Our forecasting service is a means for educators to obtain data-based predictions on trends at the local or state level. These studies are of particular value in planning processes.

These include guidance on development of local assessment programs, analysis of assessment data, and development of customized assessments.

Training for Local Educators

In addition to research services offered to educators throughout the state, OER recognizes that local educators may lack the resources to stay atop of the latest developments in action research, technology-enhanced research methodologies, etc. OER will offer a suite of online training opportunities for local educators. These trainings will be conducted by faculty affiliated with OER as well as national and international experts in specific areas.


OER consists of faculty and graduate students throughout the Lutrill & Pearl Payne School of Education’s programs. These programs span the Pre-K-12 and postsecondary levels. They include individuals with expertise in quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research designs. They include expertise in statistics, psychometrics, and program evaluation.

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