Dr. Alex Garn honored with Exemplary Paper Award from Journal of Teaching in Physical Education


The LSU School of Kinesiology seeks through excellence in teaching and learning to advance the understanding of physical activity and health. Associate Professor Alex Garn, along with co-authors, have been honored with the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education (JTPE) Exemplary Paper Award.

The 2014 JTPE Metzler-Freedman Exemplary Paper Award Committee selected the article “Successful after-school physical activity clubs in urban high schools: Perspectives of adult leaders and student participants" to be published in the 2014 volume of JTPE based on its significance, the quality of methods and writing, and its potential to impact the field of School Physical Education.

The study examined leaders’ and students’ perspectives of factors that contribute to effective voluntary after-school physical activity clubs, grounded in social cognitive theory. Two years of 115 field observations included interviewing 278 students and 126 field leaders.

According to the results, there were interconnections among personal and environmental factors such as enthusiastic and caring leaders, multidimensional recruiting strategies, supportive and friendly club climates, and culturally relevant physical activities. Structural barriers included lack of administrative support, student hunger, and inadequate transportation.

A better understanding and further conduction of after-school physical club research will help Kinesiology professionals, understand why some initiatives for students’ health fail, while others succeed.

The award will be presented at the 2015 JTPE Editorial Board meeting at the AERA convention in Chicago, IL, April 15, 2015.

Co-authors include: Nate McCaughtry, Noel L. Kulik, Michele Kaseta, Kim Maljak, Laurel Whalen, Bo Shen, Jeffrey J. Martin, and Mariane Fahlman.

The Journal of Teaching in Physical Education features peer-reviewed research articles based on classroom and laboratory studies, descriptive and survey studies, summary and review articles, and discussion of current topics of interest to physical educators at every level.