Alumni Spotlight: Amy Turner, '19

School of Kinesiology alumna and incoming medical student Amy Turner shares insight and advice regarding medical school and her time at LSU.

photo of Amy Turner

When did you graduate and what was your area of study? 
I graduated in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology: Human Movement Science degree.

Where are you from?
New Orleans, LA

Tell us about your involvement in the School of Kinesiology and on campus, as well as your awards and achievements at LSU.
I was in the Roger Hadfield Ogden Honors College while at LSU, and conducted my Honors Thesis, "Identification of blood biomarkers of mild traumatic brain injury in collegiate football players," under the instruction of Dr. Guillaume Spielmann. Because of my research, I received a Louisiana State University Distinguished Researcher 2019 award as well as the LSU School of Kinesiology Undergraduate Distinguished Scholar 2019 award, allowing me to develop my own original research study based on my work.

What are some of your best memories of the School of Kinesiology?
Participating in cadaver lab and defending my thesis project were highlights of my time at the School of Kinesiology. 

How did the School of Kinesiology prepare you for your career?
The School Kinesiology offered me a well-rounded curriculum, helping me feel prepared to enter into medical school -- especially getting to study in the cadaver lab, which is one of the scariest and first classes a medical student experiences! The SOK also provided numerous research opportunities, which made my application stand out and contributed to my admission to medical school.

What advice would you have for current students?
Keep believing in your goals. The road to medical school or any other professional school is a long and hard journey, but it definitely feels better and worth it when you’re on the other side. Also, reach out to your professors -- they help out tremendously. 

What's next for you?
I'll be a first year medical student at Temple University this Fall.

Congratulations, Amy, on this accomplishment and know you're always a member of the LSU #KinesiologyKrewe!