Nikita A. Kuznetsov

Assistant Professor, School of Kinesiology


Ph.D., Experimental Psychology, University of Cincinnati, 2013
M.A., Experimental Psychology, University of Cincinnati, 2010
B.A., Psychology, California State University, Northridge, 2007

Phone: 225-578-3845
Office: 73 Huey P. Long Field House

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Human motor control system is inherently noisy, subject to long time delays, redundant, and operates on elastic effectors. Consequently, there is always some variability from one repetition of a movement to another – even for the most practiced actions such as reaching for a cup of coffee. Dr. Kuznetsov is interested in understanding the functional role of this variability with the goal of developing objective assessment methods and creating novel rehabilitation techniques. Dr. Kuznetsov utilizes time series analysis methods from nonlinear dynamical systems to assess subtle patterns of motor variability. The second focus of his research is the development of virtual reality-based rehabilitation protocols focused on altering motor variability to improve optimal human performance and to assist with recovery of motor function after neurological trauma.

In addition to his Ph.D. training, he completed two postdoctoral appointments in the Action Lab at Northeastern University (2013-2015) and Virtual Environments for Rehabilitation Lab at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2015-2017).

Selected Publications

Kuznetsov, N.A., Robins, R.K., Long, B., Jakiela, J.T., Haran, F.J., Ross, S.E., Wright, W.G., & Rhea, C.K. Validity and reliability of a smartphone app to quantify neuromotor function using a dynamic balance test (2018). Physiological Measurement, 39, 02NT01.

Kuznetsov N.A. & Rhea, C.K. (2017) Power considerations for the application of detrended fluctuation analysis in gait variability studies. PLoS One, 12(3): e0174144.

Rhea, C.K. & Kuznetsov, N.A. (2017). Using visual stimuli to enhance gait control. Journal of Vestibular Research, 27(1), 7-16.

Huber, M., Kuznetsov, N.A., & Sternad, D. (2016). Persistence of reduced neuromotor noise in long-term motor skill learning. Journal of Neurophysiology, 116(6), 2922-2935.

Kuznetsov, N., Bonnette, S., Gao, J., & Riley, M. A. (2013). Adaptive fractal analysis reveals limits to fractal scaling in center of pressure trajectories. Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 41(8), 1646-1660.

Selected Presentations

Miller, N. T., Brandon, Z. W., Bryant, M. C., Douglas, A. L., Haase, M., Justice, K. R., Kirsch, J., Dechenaud, M., Gilbert, H. B., Kuznetsov, N.A. (July 23, 2018). Development of adaptive mechatronic guitar for stroke rehabilitation. Progress in Clinical Motor Control I: Neurorehabilitation, State College, PA.

Winges, S., Acharya, P. A., Kuznetsov, N.A, (June 21, 2018) Application of cross-recurrence quantification analysis to characterize finger entrainment during rhythmic tapping. North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, Denver, CO.

Raisbeck, L. D., Kuznetsov, N.A., Yamada, M., (June 21, 2018) The effects of using attentional focus in a virtual reality environment. North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, Denver, CO.

Kuznetsov, N.A., (May 3, 2018). Contributions of Action Selection and Execution to Spatiotemporal Interference in a Bimanual Rhythmic-Discrete Task. Neural Control of Movement. Society for Neural Control of Movement, Santa Fe, NM.