People Like Me

The People Like Me series highlights the achievements and successes of a diverse group of students. Each story, features students who have experienced challenges or obstacles throughout their academic journey. These students hope by sharing their path to success, it will inspire others to overcome adversity and reach their goals.

Photo of Jordam Mathews

Jordan Mathews - An Example of True Determination, Wisdom, and Resilience.

Jordan graduated in May with a degree in Kinesiology – Health & Physical Education. She began graduate studies at The Ohio State University for a Masters in Sports Coaching on a fully funded fellowship. She served as the Vice President of Membership for the CHSE Ambassadors and earned recognition on the LSU President’s Honor Roll. It is safe to assume Jordan worked hard to achieve her goals, but when you get to know her you discover her true determination, wisdom, and resilience.

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Photo of James Stampley

James Stampley - A Prime Example of Someone Who Made Something of Himself Through Opportunities at LSU.

With the glory days of LSU football behind him, Stampley certainly has not let his spirit settle. He has found his passion through the LSU College of Human Sciences & Education Kinesiology Doctoral Program. His research focus is exercise physiology – specifically, the effects of metabolism and exercise on aging. Stampley has been awarded the Economic Development Assistantship (EDA) as well as the Don Franks/President’s Challenge Fellowship. 


Photo of Dean Roland MItchell and Miya Tate

Miya Tate - Breaking the Stigma and Changing the Narrative, It is Time to Become More Than Just a Statistic.

Growing up, Tate did not have much besides necessities like food and shelter. In addition to Tate, her parents supported five other children as well as Tate’s grandmother. Her grandmother was supportive in the family’s efforts but could not help much financially due to earning a low wage. When Tate was in elementary school, her grandmother was murdered, which put Tate through a state of shock, confusion, and rebellion, and she did not know how to cope with these emotions.


Photo of Huey P. Long Field House Beam Signing. Kari Stephens is second from the left.

Kari Stephens - Life is Never Easy, But You Have to Recognize What You've Been Through & Embrace It.

LSU was not Stephens first school choice, but she wouldn’t change her undergraduate experience for anything. Stephens’ ultimate reason for choosing LSU was for the financial awards she was offered. Stephens said, “The scholarships offered me the freedom from worrying about a job to pay for school or the stress of having to take out loans.”


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