Happy Earth Day from CC&E

April 21, 2024

a group of students stand on the bank while a man in a river holds a test tube and talks

Education has been a crucial part of Earth Day since its inception.

Education has been a crucial part of Earth Day since its inception. The event's original organizers recognized that building public understanding of crucial environmental issues was needed in order to bring about any lasting change. Over 20 million Americans participated in that inaugural event, and, in the years following, significant strides were made in areas like clean water and air quality.

Today, new challenges - from sea-level rise to the need for cleaner energy, as well as pressing local issues, like coastal land loss - demand our attention. They require innovative, effective action. On Earth Day, we celebrate what has been accomplished, and reflect on what still needs to be done. 

Education continues to be the key to building a more sustainable future. In our classrooms and laboratories, CC&E is committed to preparing the next generation to tackle our urgent environmental issues, and we are proud to say our students carry what they learn in our classrooms and laboratories with them when they leave us. From reducing environmental health disparities to better understanding the health of Spartina Patens marshes, our students past and present are putting what they learned here to work. 

This Earth Day, join us as we celebrate the work of current students and alumni as we work to build a more sustainable tomorrow.


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