Become a CAMD User

On the Techniques tab of our website, a prospective user can become familiar with the research tools that are available at CAMD.  For academic researchers, CAMD is available at no cost while proprietary users can arrange a reasonable fee either for access to carry out studies themselves or for measurements made with the assistance of a CAMD beamline scientist.

  • The first step to becoming a CAMD user is to fill out a Project Proposal Form.  X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Users should fill out the XAS Attachment as well.  Once you submit the Project Proposal Form, you will receive a Project Proposal Number (PRN) identifying your project to CAMD staff.  
  • With the PRN, you can fill out a Beamtime Request Form and beamtime will be scheduled on a competitive basis.  We highly recommend that you contact the CAMD beamline scientist associated with the instrumentation that you would like to use so that they can provide you with assistance in getting started.  
  • If you would like for CAMD to do an exposure of a wafer for microfabrication or other needs, please fill out an Exposure Request Form.  
  • Please send all forms to Craig Stevens. (Note that the website respond "This website has been blocked from automatically composing an email." so click the Allow button to send the e-mail.)

Radiation Safety

All Users must read the Radiation Safety Manual, and take the Radiation Safety Test.  CAMD Access cards and radiation badges will be assigned after passing the test and completion of necessary radiation safety paperwork.

Users unable to complete all required paperwork and pick up their access card within one year of applying will need to restart the process.

Users unable to complete annual refresher training within the allotted time will also need to restart the application process and their access cards will be temporarily disabled.

User Survey

At the conclusion of your beamtime you can help us keep up with your experience and how we are doing by filling out our User Survey.