Name Title Email Contact  Degree Research Interest
Awad, Kareem Instructor 225-578-8355
Rm. 38
Louisiana State University,
2021 M.Ap.Stat.
Coxe, William Senior Instructor 225-578-8361
Rm. 36
Louisiana State University,
1976, J.D.
*Escobar, Luis Professor, Graduate Advisor

Rm. 159A

Iowa State University,

Life testing, linear models, statistical computing
*Gentimis, Thanos Assistant Professor 225-578-7205
Rm. 53
University of Florida, 2011 Big data analytics, topological data analysis, algebraic topology, social network analysis, health informatics
*Guo, BeiBei Associate Professor 225-578-8382
Rm. 143
Rice University,
Bayesian clinical trial design,
statistical genomics
*Koonce, Kenneth Professor Emeritus 225-578-8389
Rm. 161
North Carolina State
University, 1968
Statistical consulting, statistical computing, linear models
*Lee, Junho Assistant Professor 225-578-8014
Rm. 65
University of Wisconsin-
Madison, 2017
Spatial clustering, spatial statistics, disease mapping, environmental statistics, statistical machine learning
*Li, Bin Department Chair,
Professor 225-578-1343
Rm. 173
Ohio State University,
Data mining,
statistical learning
*McCarter, Kevin Associate Professor 225-578-8389
Rm. 171
Kansas State University,
Applications of multivariate statistical analysis and generalized linear mixed modeling, precision agriculture, design and analysis of embedded field trials, survival analysis & life testing/analysis of censored data, computationally intensive statistical methods.
McKenna, Michael Senior Instructor 225-578-8379
Rm. 40
Louisiana State University,
2002, M.Ap.Stat.

 * denotes graduate faculty member

Administrative Staff

Name Phone Email
Atkins, Sylvia
Administrative Coordinator 4
Rm. 161

Reboul, Zack
Rm. 34