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Department Head Search Announcement

Dr. Allen Rutherford, RNR, is serving as Interim Department Head, effective October 1, 2015.

Ph.D. Minor Student Siavash Shojaat earns "Best Paper" award. (Dr. Luis Escobar, supervisor)

SAS 9.4 available

JMP Pro 14  for Windows and OS X available on TigerWare at no charge for faculty and students.

EXST 4025: SAS Programming 
now offered all semesters.


The Department of Experimental Statistics is the principal source of statistical education, research, and service at Louisiana State University and the Louisiana State University AgCenter. The Department is unique in its strong orientation toward the application of statistics, and faculty provide expert statistical support for the University community. The Department offers both thesis and non-thesis programs leading to the degree of Master of Applied Statistics (M.Ap.Stat.).  

The Data Science Society @ LSU

A student-run university-wide ensemble of students (graduate and undergraduate) whose work or research remotely involve at least one of the following: statistical modelling and large scale inference, machine learning and deep learning, and working with databases.