Purchase and Use of Postage Stamps

The university has established LSU Mailing Services as the mail dispatcher for the University (PS-91). LSU Mailing Services is responsible for compliance with appropriate US Postal Service rules and regulations. All outbound mail must be identified and metered through LSU Mailing Services.

Mailing needs should be met through LSU Mailing Services/The UPS Store. Departments must obtain prior approval from LSU Mailing Services for an exception to purchase and use postage stamps.  This exception would be granted only for occasional special or urgent mailing needs.  If prior approval to purchase postage stamps is granted, the department is expected to purchase them from the mail vendor on the main campus, The UPS Store, not directly from the US Postal Service.  The only exception is a situation where the mail vendor, The UPS Store, is unable to meet the department’s need, and will require written justification and prior approval from LSU Mailing Services.  Requests may be emailed to lsumailsvc@lsu.edu. That written email approval must be attached to all stamp purchase backup documentation.

Procedures for Control of Stamps:

  • Postage stamps in a department's possession must be treated as cash and held in a secure location. It is the responsibility of the department to maintain appropriate controls and auditable records supporting the use of the postage stamps, including to whom postage stamps were issued, the quantity issued, and the balance of postage stamps on hand.
  • Postage stamps purchased by a department may only be used for University business and may not, under any circumstances, be sold to employees, students or others, nor may they be used for personal purposes.
  • A department may only purchase postage directly from the US Postal Service in a situation where LSU Mailing Services/The UPS Store is substantially unable to meet their needs, and only with the advance approval of LSU Mailing Services.  Postage stamps purchased directly from the US Postal Service are subject to the same conditions as postage stamps purchased from LSU Mailing Services/The UPS Store, as described above.

Note:  Postage stamps and postage meter imprints paid for with LSU Funds are to be used for official business purposes only. Personal use of such postage is a misappropriation of state funds.




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