Phone Scam Alerts

Watch Out for Toner Phoners!

They are back at it again! The “toner phoners” are working college campuses again looking for unsuspecting victims!

Sales representatives from toner companies claiming to be Xerox, Canon, etc., are calling departments that have copiers. These individuals contact departments claiming to be representatives from your copier company and they tell you that they are “verifying” your copier number for their records or need to send you toner. They may also contact you asking about your printer information and request they be allowed to send you “free” toner for trial.

Do not give out any printer or copier machine numbers or other identifying information over the phone!

If the callers do manage to find someone that provides them a model number, they will advise that you must change to a new toner, buy replacement toner, or they may offer free toner, or a great deal on toners “especially for you if you buy right now”. If you show any interest at all or sound like you believe they are legitimate, they will ask for your personal and/or shipping information. Once they have “hooked” you, they send the merchandise, but then send an invoice for hundreds of dollars higher than LSU would normally pay for the same toners.

Do not fall victim to these scams!

If you receive one of these phone calls, tell them you are definitely NOT interested and DO NOT want their product. Inform them to contact Procurement Services if they have further questions. Whatever you do: Do not give them any personal information about you, your department, or machine and get them off the phone immediately!

See "Copiers and Supplies" information.

If you have a copier under a contract with a legitimate copier company, the representatives will already have your machine number.

Copier equipment cannot be purchased, rented, or leased from off-campus suppliers, but must be obtained from Copier Management. Toner and other copier supplies also must be obtained from Copier Management, 225-578-2003.

Never authorize any company to send anything without going through proper channels first!

Rev 5/25/21




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