Purchases Not Exceeding $10,000 


Purchases of supplies, materials, and services not exceeding $10,000 may be made from off-campus suppliers. University employees with the written authorization of their department head may make these purchases from suppliers without getting competitive prices from additional sources, provided the price is reasonable.

Non-competitive purchases may be made using LaCarte and Direct Charge in accordance with university policy. However, a requisition must be submitted for non-competitive purchases exceeding the purchaser's LaCarte limit.

Also, please refer to the Special Authorizations List for types of purchases that require additional approvals and may require requisitioning through Procurement Office, regardless of the dollar amount.

Splitting of purchases to stay within the $10,000 limitation is strictly prohibited and subjects the University to a critical audit review.

Suppliers suggesting or offering to put materials on multiple invoices to avoid the $10,000 limit should be reported to Procurement Services. Departments guilty of "splitting" invoices risk having to pay the invoices with non-University funds and possibly losing their purchasing authority.

If the supplier involved will deliver, or ship, or allow a department to pick up an order of $10,000 or less based on the department's verbal order, then the invoice for that purchase (approved for payment with proper FDM values) may be submitted directly to Accounts Payable for payment.

Although purchases within the $10,000 limit are monitored periodically, it is the responsibility of the department to call Procurement Services' attention to any item purchased on a repetitive basis that could be purchased through a master contract or term contract.

Rev 6/18/21




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