Meeting Facilities

Convention and meeting facilities may be booked in University Facilities, including the Cook Conference Center, without getting competitive prices and without involving LSU Procurement Services.

If the use of non-University facilities is contemplated and the cost does not exceed $10,000, the department may make arrangements for the facilities without getting competitive prices and without involving Procurement Services. The invoice, approved for payment, should be routed to Accounts Payable for processing unless a signed contract is required by the facility.

If the cost of non-University facilities exceeds $10,000, prior Procurement Services approval is required, and email or fax quotations must be obtained from at least three suppliers able to provide space (in accordance with the Higher Education Procurement Code). Quotes from on-campus facilities, such as the LSU Union or Faculty Club, cannot be used for competitive quotes when non-University meeting facilities are being sought.

Note: No one is authorized to sign purchasing contracts or agreements on behalf of the University except those to whom this authority is vested and delegated. All contracts or agreements are to be submitted to Procurement Services for authorized signatures. [see also: Authority to Sign Purchasing Contracts]

To contract with the Cook Conference Center, you will need to complete an AS540 form and follow the procedures for using the conference center.

Pennington Conference Center no longer provides use of their facilities for meetings/conferences.

Rev 5/19/21




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