Captioning Service

Procurement Services has negotiated and entered into a contract with VITAC Corporation as a supplier of remote real-time English live captioning for webinars and other events for all university departments on an “as requested” basis.

See below for procedures to schedule these services in ADVANCE of the university event:

  1. Obtain quote/Real-time Captioning Service Agreement (do not sign) from the contractor to ensure that you receive the best value for requested services (see below for contact information). Note that in order to obtain a quote, you will need to provide specific instructions, event requirements and contact information.

  2. Contractor will present a quote for requested services to the university department in accordance with contractor's rate schedule of the LSU Contract. VITAC Corporation rate schedule.

  3. When quote is received, department must verify the contractor's rate schedule to the quote and release a PSC type requisition to Procurement Services for requested services. Be sure to attach both the quote and a PURCR to the requisition.

  4. Procurement Services will review and issue a purchase order to the contractor. The department will be notified via email of the purchase order number.

  5. Contractor will submit an invoice upon completion of each individual event in accordance with the previously agreed quote of services to the university department.

  6. The university department will verify the invoice and enter a receiving report for payment of services.


Contact Information

VITAC Corporation
8300 E Maplewood Ave, Suite 310
Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Supplier ID # SPL-37881

Josh Pohol
Manager, Inside Sales

Direct Line: 724-514-4037


Rev 8/17/21





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