VWR International

VWR International is the primary supplier of laboratory equipment, supplies, and scientific furniture for Louisiana State University.

Benefits of the master contract supplier relationship are that LSU receives outstanding pricing on laboratory supplies, free freight, deep discounts on a hotlist of supply items, no-hassle return policy, dedicated on-campus representation, and additional discounts for new lab start-ups. Instructions for using a punch-out out catalog can be found in the "Create Requisition from Supplier Website" job aid available at Workday Training > Finance Training > Procurement.

Local Sales Representatives

Mariah Sandoval
LA Sales Associate
Cell: 504-202-7351

Dicki Murrell
Region Director - South Central/Texas, KS, MO, LA
Cell: 281-932-5000


VWR International Ordering Information
Question Answer
Order Status feature available in Punch-out Yes
Email Order Acknowledgement sent to Requester Yes
Email Ship Acknowledgement sent to Requester Yes
Deadline for Orders to Ship Same Day 11:30 AM CST
Standard delivery time 1-2 Business Days
Shipping and Handling charges No charges for standard ground shipping. Shipping for expedited orders will come back on the invoice at the header level.
E-quote functionality available in Punch-out Yes, you can request quotes from your local Sales Representative.
Order History feature available in Punch-out Yes
Favorites/Hotlists feature available in Punch-out Yes
Order cancellation and returns For all cancellations or returns, please email mariah.sandoval@avantorsciences.com. You will be required to have a written confirmation from the supplier to clear the Workday encumbrance.
Catalog Product Restrictions

Yes, the following categories:

  • Breakroom Supplies (i.e. plates, cultery, etc.)
  • Food/Snacks
  • Furniture (Non-Medical/Scientific)
  • Ink/Toner (Original MFG & Remanufacturered)
Additional Notes N/A


VWR recognizes that building sustainable business practices to enhance the value of the company is in the best interest of their company, associates, suppliers, customers and community. They also understand that their customers have sustainability initiatives and VWR is committed to helping them achieve their sustainability goals.

At VWR, they are approaching sustainability to meet the three primary goals as defined by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development:

  • Social Impact (People)
  • Environmental Protection (Planet)
  • Economic Growth (Performance)

For more information, questions, or feedback contact sustainability@vwr.com.

The Corning® Recycle Now! Program

Corning® pipet tip racks are designed to be reusable, withstanding several autoclave cycles. However, if you prefer to dispose of the racks after use, you can reduce environmental waste by recycling your used tip racks.

With Corning’s Recycle Now! program, you simply place the empty used tip racks into a carton or box, affix a mailing label (supplied by your Corning Account Manager) and mail. There is no charge to you, and you’ll be helping Corning take positive action to help conserve our natural resources.

If you would like to recycle with Corning, please contact your Corning Account Manager for mailing labels and additional information.

The TerraCycle® Recycle Program

VWR is collaborating with TerraCycle® to find solutions for hard-to-manage waste streams. VWR recognizes that waste sent to landfill can actually be recovered and transformed into useful product. We are working with TerraCycle® to collect and recycle pipet tip boxes from our customers: From the Lab Bench to the Park Bench. Tip boxes collected in this program will be made into park benches and other products. VWR plans to expand this program with TerraCycle® to include additional value-added services for our customers that will help divert even more waste from the landfill.


All questions concerning this contract should be directed to Procurement Services at 225-578-2176 or purchase@lsu.edu.

Rev 6/7/2022

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