Purchases Exceeding $10,000 But Not Exceeding $25,000 

In general, a requisition is required for all purchases of supplies, materials, equipment, and services purchased from off-campus suppliers when the total cost exceeds $10,000. Requisitions should be submitted, complete with all required attachments, prior to the purchase for review/approval and issuance of a purchase order.

Delegated Purchasing Authority

Departments electing to assume responsibility for adherence to University and State purchasing policy and procedure may solicit competitive price quotations from at least three (3) bonafide bidders for the purchase of supplies, equipment and operating services valued $10,000.01 - $25,000 via a departmental solicitation. A minimum of 24 hours must be allowed for vendor response. Once the bid due date has passed, the bids received are to be tabbed, evaluated, and released to Procurement Services for further processing.

NOTE: Purchasing Agents delegated purchasing authority must be approved by the Dean, Department Head, Director or Chair to get certification and attend the mandatory training provided by Procurement Services. Individual will complete a Memorandum of Understanding officially accepting the responsibilities to be approved by the Chief Procurement Officer and Accounts Payable & Travel.

Rev 6/18/21




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