Support the CCELL Challenge!

Support the CCELL Challenge!

CCELL has launched a new fundraising campaign, the CCELL Challenge, to raise $20,000 for an endowment account to annually generate income for CCELL. 


Longtime CCELL supporters Barrett Kennedy and Peggy Reily will provide matching funds of up to $20,000 if CCELL meets the challenge to raise the money by the end of the year. 


With interest from the endowment account, CCELL hopes to eventually fund 


    • community-university listening sessions and discussion panels
    • end-of-semester celebration grants for service-learning partnerships
    • travel to conferences for faculty, students and community partners
    • grants for students to complete significant community-based research, design and/or service-learning projects.


Those interested in donating to the Challenge Fundraiser can visit for a simple and secure online donation process. 


For more information, contact Christy Kayser Arrazattee at 225-578-4245, or