How Workday Affects You (6/22/2016)

This week’s project update focuses on the Manager role within Workday. A Manager role in Workday is given to positions that have supervisory responsibilities and therefore can perform actions on members of assigned supervisory organizations.

One of the most common responsibilities of positions with a Manager role includes approving time worked by Classified employees and/or students within the supervisory organization. Also, Managers approve requests for time off in Workday. Instead of manually processing paper leave requests for employees, using Workday’s self-service functionality, Managers will be able to approve time off requests for both Professional and Classified employees completely electronically. Managers also approve expense reports and spend authorizations.

Managers will also participate in the performance evaluation process configured in Workday for Classified and Professional employees. The Manager role is key in this process as it will start the planning document that routes to the employee for review. Furthermore, the Manager will perform the mid-year review, and finally will evaluate the overall performance in Workday.

If you are new to Workday, an overview video is available on the site’s home page or by clicking This overview introduces a user to Workday’s way of handling a few basic activities, including time entry. These resources and a wealth of other training aids are available at Information regarding our performance evaluation in Workday will be added soon.

If you have any questions about the Manager self-service functionality in Workday or any other topics, please send a request via the “Questions or Concerns?” link on the LSU Workday website.

We look forward to working with you as we make this transition together.

Have a great Workday! 

Gaston Reinoso and Elahe Russell, 
LSU Workday Project Leads