How Workday Affects You (6/15/2016)

This week’s project update focuses on preparing the LSU community for the transition to Workday terminology.

While some of the terminology differs only slightly from what we are accustomed to today, Workday introduces a variety of new terms and acronyms.  Some examples of new terms include a “payslip” currently known as “payroll deposit slip.” A “spend authorization” is comparable to an “authorization to travel.” Other terms to which the community will be exposed include Financial Data Model (FDM), worklet, business process (BP) and worktags. A glossary of commonly used terms and a crosswalk of legacy to Workday terminology is available on the LSU Workday website at Updates are made frequently to this resource based on feedback from the LSU community.

An overview video is also available on the site’s homepage or by clicking This overview introduces some of the new terms while also introducing you to some of the employee direct access features in Workday. These resources and a wealth of other training aids are available at

If you have any questions about new or different terminology, please send a request via the “Questions or Concerns?” link on the LSU Workday website.

We look forward to working with you as we make this transition together.

Have a great Workday!

Gaston Reinoso and Elahe Russell,
LSU Workday Project Leads