How Workday Affects You (6/8/2016)

This week’s project update provides an overview of Workday security roles.  As LSU started the Workday project, we relied upon a set of guiding principles to direct our path.  The most important of which was that we would implement business practices and procedures as delivered by Workday, even when it meant changing our current business processes.  We assigned security roles in accordance with the guiding principles which resulted in some changes to our current business practices. 

Within Workday, there are two primary types of security roles: user-based and role-based.  User-based roles are assigned to a person.  Therefore, if a person leaves their position, the user-based roles would need to be reassigned.  To the contrary, role-based roles are assigned to a position.  If an individual leaves their position, transfers to another position, or retires, the roles are retained with that position.  When the position is filled, the individual will automatically receive the role-based roles. 

This overview will focus on role-based security.  The intent of the security roles are to allow individuals the ability to initiate, view and/or approve business processes and transactions.  Initially, role-based security assignments were made by leveraging existing security profiles in our legacy mainframe systems, when possible.  However, role assignments have since been reviewed and updated for July 1, 2016 in accordance with feedback received from all organizational units.

Instructor-led training sessions are currently underway for key FIN and HCM roles of Cost Center Managers, Student Employment Partners, Timekeepers and those individuals assigned as HR Specialists (HR Analyst, Academic Partner, and Recruiting Coordinator roles).  The Cost Center Manager (CCM) has primary fiscal responsibility for a particular cost center or cost center hierarchy.  This role is an approver on all key FIN and HCM business processes. 

While the roles mentioned above are assigned to a subset of users, there are several roles that allow a broader population of individuals to initiate and/or approve transactions.  These roles include the Accountant – Department, Budget Analyst, Asset Custodian, Manager and HR Department Head.  Additionally, there are some roles that provide the ability to view information or transactions.  Some of these include Award Analyst, Grants Financial Analyst and Expense Analyst.

A summary of the key roles for FIN and HCM can be found at  In addition, there is an information session video on security roles at   

If you are new to Workday, an overview video is also available on the site’s home page or by clicking In addition to this overview, more training videos and job aids are regularly being added and can also be accessed via the LSU Workday website.

If you have any questions about security roles for your unit, please send a request via the “Questions or Concerns?” link on the LSU Workday website.

We look forward to working with you as we make this transition together.

Have a great Workday!

Gaston Reinoso and Elahe Russell,
LSU Workday Project Leads