How Workday Affects You

June 1, 2016

This week’s project update summarizes Workday’s modern technical security infrastructure to provide users confidence that their information will be protected and controlled.

Workday is well known for its ease of use and flexibility for users. Given that Workday’s technology involves a cloud-based system, it allows storage of data at a high level of security with every attribute of customer data being encrypted. In addition, Workday data centers adhere to the strictest physical security measures, consistently passing rigorous third-party compliance audits required in the technology industry.

With LSU’s reduced volume of infrastructure, connection points and other dependencies involved in securing and managing its data, the LSU community can have confidence in the security of its systems and data.

Questions about Workday’s track record in the field of security or of LSU’s role in helping with ensuring a safe and secure technical infrastructure can be submitted using the Questions and Concerns tab on the LSU Workday website at 

If you are new to Workday, an overview video is also available on the site’s home page or by clicking  In addition to this overview, more training videos and job aids were added this past week and are also available through the LSU Workday website. 

Have a great Workday!
Gaston Reinoso and Elahe Russell, 
LSU Workday Project Leads