April 2016 Project Update

The LSU Workday Project is still in the midst of its extensive testing phase. The project team is finalizing the end-to-end testing with a review of the features and functionality that Workday is incorporating into its product as part of its twice a year product upgrades.

The final two stages of testing are user acceptance testing, which is scheduled for early to mid-April, and payroll parallel testing, which is scheduled for April through the end of May.

One of the objectives of user acceptance testing will be the validation of training material developed to support LSU’s July 1, 2016 go live. 

Any feedback from participants will be incorporated into the training materials in advance of end user training which, consistent with Workday’s deployment methodology, is set to launch in late May/early June.

For additional information, please refer to the LSU Workday web site: www.lsu.edu/workday.  Questions or concerns regarding the LSU Workday Implementation may be directed online to www.lsu.edu/wdfeedback.