HR Specialist

The HR Specialist performs HR functions for classified, unclassified, other academic, faculty, transients and WAE employees for their assigned organization(s). HR Specialists have the Recruiting Coordinator, HR Analyst and, if applicable, the Academic Partner Workday security roles.

These security roles provide the ability to process recruiting, hires, compensation, and academic transactions in Workday for their assigned supervisory organizations.

Graduate Assistant Conversion

Graduate Assistant Conversion  PDF

What to Know Before Hiring a Graduate Assistant  PDF

GA Additional Job PowerPoint  PDF

Summer Research and Teaching WebEx Session

Summer Research & Teaching Processing WebEx Session PowerPoint  PDF

 Note: This document is from the WebEX session on 5/4/17.

 Summer Research & Teaching Processing Questions and Answers  PDF

  Note: This document is from the WebEX session on 5/4/17.


Online Training Courses

Costing Allocation Online Training Course  Video

The Costing Allocation Online Training Course is designed primarily for HR Analysts, Student Employment Partners, and Cost Center Managers. It covers costing allocation levels, who performs costing allocations, costing allocation comments, assigning costing allocations for positions vs. workers, updating and reviewing costing allocations, work study and president student aid costing allocations, and maintaining costing allocations.


Create Position

Creating Positions Quick Guide 

Create Position - HR Analyst  PDF

Create Position for Classified Employee Additional Job  PDF

Create Position Workflow  PDF

Edit Position Workflow PDF



Recruiting Quick Guide 

Create Evergreen Requisition PDF

Create Position (WAE and Transient)  PDF

Create Position for Gratis Worker PDF

Job Application  PDF

Job Application Workflow  PDF


Hiring & Employment

Completing Form I-9 PowerPoint PDF

Edit Pre-Hire  PDF

Hire  PDF 

Hire HR Analyst (WAE and Transient)  PDF

Hire Workflow  PDF

Onboarding Workflow  PDF 

QuickStart PDF 


HCM Core

Add Additional Job for Classified Employee PDF

Add Job  PDF

Add Job - Multi-Company PDF

Compensation Actions Quick Guide PDF

Change Job - Job Details/Percent of Effort  PDF

Change Job - Promotion  PDF 

Change Organization Assignments  PDF

Job Continuation PDF

Location Change PDF

Move Worker  PDF

Request Compensation Change  PDF

Request One-time Payment - Lump Sum - Retirement  PDF

Termination  PDF

Update Employee Education  PDF



Add Academic Appointment (Professorships) PDF

Add Academic Appointment (Emeritus)  PDF

Add Academic Appointment – New Hire  PDF

Update Academic Appointment- Reappointment PDF

End Academic Appointment  PDF

Academic Reports PDF

Place Worker on Leave (Academic)  PDF

Period Activity Pay  PDF

Period of Appointment Quick Guide  PDF

Request Compensation Change (Professorships) PDF

Request One Time Payment (Professorships) PDF

Reappointment to Senior Instructor PDF

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