Top Ten Test Tips

Follow these guidelines for a successful test experience in the LSU Testing Center. 

  1. Arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled exam time.

  2. Bring your LSU ID with you to sign in for your exam, or have a clear, valid government issued picture ID and know your LSU 89 number.

  3. Pay attention to your exam location. The entrance to Himes 102 is located in the quad and will be on the first floor. The entrance to Himes 52A can be accessed from the exterior stairwell between Coates Hall and Himes Hall.

  4. Know your username and password for external testing sites like MyMathLab before taking your test in the testing center.

  5. If you are trying to find a new time slot to take your test, do not erase your old one. Selecting a new time slot will automatically overwrite your old appointment.

  6. Place all of your belongings under your seat; not in your pockets, lap, or in the aisle.

  7. Make sure cell phones are off and any watches are put away before entering the testing lab to check in. Phones must remain off and watches must stay out of sight until you have exited the lab.

  8. Review your exam details provided by the professor to see what type of calculator can be used and what type of scratch paper will be given out. Scratch paper will be turned back into the proctors after your exam.

  9. Pay attention to the opening and closing times of the testing center. The testing center staff will unlock the door at the first check-in time and will lock the door 15 minutes after the last check-in time. Once the door is locked, students will need to contact their instructor for a makeup exam if they are unable to reschedule on the website.

  10. Follow the testing center on Twitter for updates and announcements at @LSU_TestingLab. 


Himes 52A

Himes 52A Exterior Stair Entrance

102 Himes

Himes 102 Quad Entrance