Building Access and Parking

Building Access

The Shared Instrument Facility is located on the 1st floor of the Chemistry and Materials Building on Highland Drive, between Biological Sciences and Knapp Hall. Daily access to the building is either through the front or rear of the building, there is also a Loading Dock access door that can be used for deliveries. The SIF is staffed with Research Specialists weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and instrumentation is available for both new user training and Independent users. “After hour” access to the SIF and instrument labs is available to “Qualified Users“, who have undergone training and are approved to operate instrumentation without supervision.

Each instrument has a specific pathway for becoming both an “Independent and Qualified User“, researchers should contact the appropriate Instrument Specialist to discuss their project needs and appropriate level of training. For those researchers that are approved as a “Qualified User“, building access will be provided through activating their LSU ID card to open the doors located at the rear of the building. A form will need to be filled out and signed by both the researcher and their Academic Advisor before “after hour” access is provided to the respective instrument labs.

Parking at the SIF

Parking is available at the LSU Union Square garage . The SIF has two “Reserved” parking spots in the Knapp Hall parking lot located on Highland Drive for visiting users, service engineers, and other visitors - please contact the SIF Staff for approval and to make advanced arrangements for parking in the Knapp Hall parking lot.