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320 Members, 3 branches and 2 elected bodies - all focused on making a difference in the lives of students. That's who we are. 

Executive Branch

The executive branch is headed by the Student Body President and Vice President. The branch is composed of 20 departments consisting of appointed officers who focus on areas of the student experience. Executive branch leadership appoints students to campus-wide committees, controls two student supported funds, and sits in as a student representative to administration. Executive branch officers host programming and work on initiatives relevant to their office and student population. With over 140 members, the executive branch is the largest branch in Student Government.

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Legislative Branch

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The legislative branch is also known as the Student Senate. The Student Senate is led by the dully elected Speaker of the Senate and Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate. The Student Senate is composed of over 80 individuals elected by students within their senior college. Each senior college has a minimum of two senators to represent them, with additional senate seats being granted to each college based on the college's enrollment. Student senators write bills, provide funding, and draft resolutions with the ultimate goal of improving the LSU campus community and student experience.

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Judicial Branch

The judicial branch is also known as the University Court. The judicial branch is chaired by a Chief Justice and Deputy Chief Justice. The judicial branch is composed of nine justices, including the Chief and Deputy Chief, and additional judicial staff members as needed. The judicial branch presides over all questions regarding the governing documents of Student Government. During election periods, they establish an Election Court to hear complaints filed for that period.

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College Councils

The Elected Executive

College councils are headed by the Student Body Vice President and are considered to be a part of the executive branch. Each senior college has a college council consisting of 3 officers: a president, a vice president, and a treasurer. This includes the law school, vet school, and honors college. College council members are elected by students in their senior college during the spring election. College councils work to provide major-specific programming, initiatives, and form close relationships with college administrators and deans to keep students in their college up-to-date. 

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Freshman Leadership Council

Freshman Leadership Council (FLC) is the premier opportunity for freshman to get involved in Student Government. Freshman Leadership Council participants are selected by application and interview. The council teaches students about student government, the campus community, and how to develop as a leader in college.

Benefits to the Freshman Leadership Council experience: 

  • Older student group leaders who serve as mentors throughout a freshman's experience in college
  • Relationships with other leadership-driven freshman who will become the campus' future leaders
  • Knowledge of how to make a difference in Student Government and the LSU community 

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