What to Expect

Travel back in time in three unique areas of the Museum containing the largest collection of material from 19th century Louisiana, all in a safe, outdoor, rural landscape.

Exhibit Barn

The Exhibit Barn features hundreds of artifacts dealing with everyday rural life up to the early 20th century.

Plantation Quarters

The Plantation Quarters consists of a complex of 19th century building-commissary, overseer's house, kitchen, slave cabins, sick house, school house, blacksmith's shop, sugar house, and grist mill - authentically furnished to replicate all the major activities of life on a typical 19th century working plantation.

Louisiana Folk Architecture

Louisiana Folk Architecture is interpreted in a wonderful collection of buildings exemplifying the house types of Louisiana including - a country church, pioneer's cabin, Carolina cabin, shotgun house, Acadian house, and dogtrot house - whose divergent construction traits illustrate the various cultures of Louisiana settlers.