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Meet Our Facilitator Team

LSU has an NCBI expert-trained team of professional staff members and graduate students who are ready to help students, faculty, and staff develop cultural competency and inter/intrapersonal skills to have difficult conversations, to diffuse conflict, and to “respect the dignity of all persons and accept individual differences,” as the LSU Commitment to Community states. The leadership training modules can be built into existing programs or held as additional workshops and seminars for LSU departments, colleges, and student organizations.

The NCBI at LSU team is made possible through the hard work and dedication of the Office of the Dean of Students, Campus Life, and the Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.


Delanie Authement

Cox Communications Academic Center for Student Athletes

Rodney Goldsmith

LSU Graduate School

Gabrielle Miller
Residential Life & Education

Samantha Baldridge

Residential Life

Monica Guient

LSU AgCenter

Renee Boutte Myer

College of Human Sciences & Education

Garnesha Beck

Olinde Career Center

Dr. Wes Heath
Office of Multicultural Affairs

Dr. Fanny Ramirez

Manship School of Mass Communication

Dr. Louise Bodack
Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes

Hope Hickerson
Ph.D. Student

Dr. Dereck J. Rovaris, Sr.
Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Jacob Brumfield
Campus Life 

Percy Jackson

Clarence L. Barney, Jr. African American Cultural Center 

Dr. Kristin Sosnowsky

College of Music & Dramatic Arts

Michelle Carter
Office of Multicultural Affairs 

Alyssa Jacobs
Student Advocacy 

Summer Steib
LSU Women's Center
Melissa Crawford
Strategic Initiatives 

Dr. Missy Korduner

School of Leadership & Human Resource Development

Cokie Thompson
Campus Life 

Asia Daiges

School of Social Work

Quinneka Lee

Residential Life & Education

Donnie Watkins
School of Veterinary Medicine

Rashad Davis
Campus Life 

John Lewis

Residential Life

Tennia Williams

School of Social Work

Dr. Gina Eubanks
LSU Ag Center 

Kyla Martin

LSU Women's Center 

Dr. Tyrslai Williams

LSU Office of Strategic Initiatives