Technical Reports

Disruptive Lithium Ion Battery Technology: Continuous Renewable Energy Generation with Lithium Batteries in the Micro Grid, White Paper, February, 2020. Contact the author for a copy at 

Low-Cost Sorbent for Carbon Capturing Carbon Dioxide Emissions Generated by Existing Coal-Fired Power Plants, MPRI-TDAR-2, Final Report, TDA Research, Inc., DOE Contract DE-NT0005497 Feb. 6, 2010.

Integrating Biomass Feedstocks into Chemical Production Complexes using New and Existing ProcessesWhite Paper, February 8, 2008.

Integrated Chemical Complex and Cogeneration Analysis System: Greenhouse Management and Pollution Prevention SolutionsExecutive Summary Final Report EPA Agreement CR 83127601-1, December 31, 2006.                 

 Advanced Process Analysis for Source Reduction in the Sulfuric Acid Petroleum Refining Alkylation Process"Final Technical Report on Department of Energy NICE3 Grant, September 1, 2001.  Appendix AAppendix BAppendix CAppendix DAppendix EAppendix FAppendix G,  Appendix HAppendix IAppendix J.