Project Prioritization

The following criteria will determine if a request for an IT-related solution (i.e., software, hardware implementation services) requires consideration by the IT Governance Council. If the response to any of the following questions is “yes,” the IT-related procurement must follow the IT Governance review and approval process.

  1. Does the IT-related request meet the definition of Enterprise?
    1. Multi-instance (across units or across organizations);
    2. Associated with Enterprise systems and services used to store and manage data and processes; and
    3. Runs mission-critical software
  2. Does the project introduce new functionality (not a direct replacement for existing applications)? 
  3. Does the IT-related request create the potential risk of a data breach in any enterprise system?
  4. For LSU A&M Campus Only: Does the IT-related request require significant ITS resources (e.g., implementation, integration, data loads)? Significant shall be considered greater than 40 hours of ITS resource effort.

Proposals shall be in the form of a Business Case prepared by the ITS Portfolio Management Office in collaboration with the requester (stakeholder). The business case shall include a brief background that sets the context for the problem to be solved, an analysis of possible solutions with high level resource estimates (since product is unknown at this point), and a recommendation for a path forward.

Approved project proposals shall be prioritized by the Council utilizing an agreed upon methodology that takes into account resource requirements and impact of the project to the University. This prioritization will identify the projects that are the highest priority for meeting the University’s strategic goals and will serve as a guide to ITS for allocation of scarce IT resources. The Council shall prioritize projects at monthly meetings or as soon thereafter as possible. Prioritized projects shall be submitted to the Provost and the CFO for final approval.