June 2023 Agenda


1. Administrative Announcements    

2. Executive ITGC Updates [Craig Woolley] 


3. Approval of the Minutes from the Meeting held on May 3, 2023 

4. Discussion and Vote on LSU A&M IT Security Policies (Revision Plan and Current Status) 
Resolution: IT Governance Council acknowledges the need to establish new policies for IT and Information Security to ensure that requirements of PM-36 and security best practices are codified in LSUAM University policies. Therefore, IT Governance Council approves the draft policies and standards presented to the Council by LSU ITS. The Council shall provide this recommendation to the LSU Office of Academic Affairs for the 14 policies to enter the university's overall review and approval process. 


5. ITS Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Results [Craig Woolley] 

6. Moodle 4.1 Upgrade [Kappie Mumphrey]  

7. ITS ITGC Project List/Teams Telephony/Campus Addressing [Katie Bouey] 


8. Information sharing/Announcements [All] 

9. Suggested agenda items for future meetings, including ITS topics of interest [All] 

10. Next steps/Follow-up items [Chair]