February 2022 Agenda/Minutes

Meeting Date: February 2, 2022

Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Zoom

Remote Attendance: Sally McKechnie, Elahe Russell, Bret Collier, Craig Woolley, Peter Trentacoste, Alex Basse, Rudy Hirschheim, Chad Brackin, Melanie Thornton, Kappie Mumphrey, Tommy Smith, Sandi Gillilan, Julie Perkins, Andy Maverick, Jacqueline Bach, Jonathan Levesque

Presenters: Katie Bouey, Sumit Jain

Others: Susan Crochet, Ric Simmons, Lesa Jeansonne, Jason Normand, David Alexander, Robin Ethridge, Stephen Heyward, Fred Piazza



1. Administrative Announcements

2. Executive ITGC Updates [CIO]



3. Approval of the Minutes from the Meeting held on November 4 ,2021



4. Subcommittees (LSU IT Governance Structure) [Chair]

5. Uber Tech Subcommittee [Jacqueline Bach]

6. Council Repository [CIO]

7. Tigerware [CIO]

8. SIS Project Update [CIO]

9. PM-36 Draft Policy & Standards [Sumit Jain]

10. Turnitin (+Gradescope) Agreement [Kappie Mumphrey]

11. ITS ITGC Project List [Katie Bouey]



12. Information sharing/Announcements [All]

13. Suggested agenda items for future meetings, including ITS topics of interest [All]

14. Next steps/Follow-up items [Chair]


February 2022 Minutes

1. Administrative Announcements

The Chair introduced new member, Jacqueline Bach, Chair of the Uber Tech Subcommittee, to the Council.


2. Meeting Minutes Approval

November Council meeting minutes were approved with no revision. Motion to approve by Peter Trentacoste; second by Rudy Hirschheim.


3. Subcommittees

The Chair explained that the previous IT Governance subcommittees were system wide and that new subcommittees such as Data Governance would need to be established for LSU A&M specific needs. She added that Stephen Beck would join the Council in March as Chair of the Research Technology Subcommittee.


4. Uber Tech Subcommittee

Jacqueline Bach informed the Council the subcommittee’s name will be changed at the next Council meeting. She stated that ITS, Faculty Senate, and Academic Affairs conducted a survey on faculty experiences with classroom technology, resulting in over 200 responses with the three top concerns being missing items, equipment malfunction, and inconsistency of technology between classrooms. Faculty also expressed the desire to have consistent access to files or software on classroom computers, mounted cameras for hybrid teaching, and technology training. Jacqueline informed the council that per the CIO’s suggestion, two Faculty Senate members would be joining the subcommittee to provide their perspective as faculty members. The CIO stated that hybrid teaching is the biggest topic resulting from the survey and steps will be taken to improve classroom technology based on all the feedback. There was a brief discussion concerning who controls the classrooms discussed in the survey.


5. Council Repository

The CIO shared the latest updates to the Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint Council repository, which Council members would be granted access to. He demonstrated where members would navigate to for meeting materials, as well as how the membership structure was organized. He added that links to project dashboards, meeting recordings, and the Council charter and framework have been added. Craig also stated that sites for new subcommittees would be added in the future.


6. Tigerware

The CIO stated there has been interest in knowing what software the University owns and what departments own it. He informed the Council this would be accomplished in three phases. The first phase, which is already completed, occurs when an individual submits an IT100 form to acquire software, which adds that software title to Tigerware. The site has been updated to list the colleges that own software and breaking it down further by department. Craig stated that the second phase will include the ability for a user to log into Tigerware and see a complete list of software that is available to them. He added that the third phase would be to expand Tigerware to all LSU institutions, though there is the potential for complications resulting from the various campus authentication systems. There was a brief discussion as to how the IT100 form ties into Procurement. There was also a brief discussion concerning leveraging existing software licenses.


7. SIS Project Update

The CIO gave an update on the Student Information System (SIS) Project. He stated that the University signed a contract with Workday to implement Workday Student. He added that the procurement phase is over and the University is now in the planning phase. Craig informed the Council that all four LSU institutions (LSU A&M, LSU Alexandria, LSU Eunice, and LSU Shreveport) will be implementing Workday Student. He shared the proposed timeline for the implementation with LSU A&M and LSU Eunice going live in summer 2024 and LSU Alexandria and LSU Shreveport going live the following year. The CIO discussed Workday Student at The Ohio State University and gave reasons why LSU will still go forward with implementing the SIS. He stated his primary concern is the difficulty in recruiting COBOL programmers for the existing mainframe. Craig added there are other Universities adopting Workday Student, including Iowa State, University of Arkansas, and Washington University in St. Louis. He informed that Council that those three universities and LSU have formed a working group to coordinate the implementation of Workday Student. Several Council members expressed their appreciation for the transparency and the decision-making process. There was a brief discussion on blockers at the other universities.


8. PM-36 Draft Policy & Standards

The Chair stated various individual policies related to PM-36 are being written and discussed and the Council would not vote on them until all of them are complete.

Sumit Jain, ITS, gave an overview of what some of the policies and standards would look like and asked the Council for their feedback to incorporate into the final versions for approval by Academic Affairs. He stated that all of the Policy Statements (PS) would be generically written at a very high level. He began by discussing the Information Security Program. He informed that Council that for each role listed in the policy statement, the accompanying standard which defines the role, who has that role, and what the responsibilities for that role are as they relate to Information Security Program only. Sumit stated that once the policies and standards are approved, they will form a framework that can be leveraged for various compliance requirements. Sumit shared that responsibilities have been listed for CIOs, Information Security Team, Security Analysts, and Departmental Technology Support Professionals (TSPs). Sumit added that work done by Data Governance resulted in responsibilities being listed for Data Functional Owners, Data Stewards, Data Custodians, and Data Consumers. He also briefly discussed Segregation of Duties, Security Awareness, and Policy Management. He stated that each policy will contain a section that references specific standards and what those standards are for. Sumit then discussed the Policy Management standard, including development and maintenance of security policies and standards, annual policy and standard review and approval, and requests for policy and standard exceptions. Sumit shared with the Council the fourteen PS numbers and names for each of the policy documents agreed to by Academic Affairs. There was a brief discussion concerning a guide for common things an average user needs to look out for. Sumit informed the Council that LSU policy taxonomy and framework will be presented to other LSU campuses with the goal of adopting a single policy nomenclature and what topics those policies should contain. He also discussed PM-50, which requires documented policies and procedures related to software acquisition. He added that the University is working on having a public-facing process that outlines the IT100 process, how to leverage it, and how to utilize it.


9. Turnitin (+Gradescope) Agreement

Kappie Mumphrey shared that LSU Online renewed their Turnitin contract. She also shared that LSU now has an enterprise license for Gradescope, which will be integrated with Moodle.


10. ITS ITGC Project List

Katie Bouey shared the latest ITGC Project dashboard listing the current ITGC Governed Tier 4 projects as well as the Tier 1, 2, and 3 CIO Governed projects. She began by discussing the PBX project and stated that ITS is conducting demonstrations with call center vendors to determine the best solution for the various call centers on campus. She also discussed Brainstorm, a vendor providing LSU an application with videos related to Microsoft 365. She added that Brainstorm will be leveraged to assist with the Microsoft Teams rollout, providing user journeys which would enable users to follow a path and become comfortable using Teams. Katie briefly discussed continuing efforts related to Mainframe data transition, reports, and decommissioning, as well as gave a brief update on Azure B2B. There was a brief discussion concerning data warehouse and Power BI.


11. Information Sharing/Announcements

The CIO discussed storage limitations with the Zoom license. He shared that he is working on a plan with Faculty Senate to implement a process where any videos older than one year would be removed, with notifications going out prior to removal. He added that faculty and staff would have the ability to download the videos to store in other locations or on other devices.